On The Bottom – The Mysterious Life Of Arthur ‘Montana’ Taylor

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Montana TaylorMontana Taylor 2Montana Taylor 3
All Material by courtesy and permission of Michael Hortig

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  • Michael Walter - Reply

    May 25, 2014 at 11:12 am

    Finally new photos of my alltime time idol Montana Taylor, thank you so much!
    I was intrigued and influenced by Arthur’s and Jimmy Yancey’s unique style from the day I discovered and practiced Blues and Boogie piano, around 1976.
    His sad ‘I Can’t Sleep’ is one of my absolute favorite numbers; I am playing it faithfully and with deep respect as a piano solo piece since several decades. For me it is the ‘Moonlight Serenade of Blues’, such a great composition! BTW it is definetely set in Eflat, not in the ‘impossible’ key of E, as some badly cut records may indicate.
    So now we know that Arthur did survive and even play a few more years after his rediscovery, albeit with a low profile.
    It is sort of disturbing to realize that no surviving relatives or friends seem to have any clue about their once famous and influential family member and buddy.
    Luckily the collectors have preserved his music for all of us, to enjoy and revive!

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