Jimmy Blythe with Eloise Bennett

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Dear All,
I’ve just figured out Jimmy Blythe on piano on these two recordings with Eloise Bennett on vocals :

Love Me Mr. Strange Man  (2745-2 Paramount 12412)
Effervescent Daddy              (2746-1 Paramount 12412)

Both sides recorded in Chicago, October 1926.
B&GR suggests Irene Eadie on piano , but this is clearly Jimmy Blythe. No doubt at all.
Both sides are available on Document DOCD-5505 “Female Blues Singers Vol. 1 A-B (1924-1932)“.

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  • Andrew E. Barrett - Reply

    October 17, 2016 at 3:03 am

    Hi, listening to these sides, I have a LOT of doubt that this is Mr. Blythe, or any other known Chicago pianist.

    I firmly personally believe this might possibly be Ms. Eadie, who married Teddy Wilson and coached him in his piano playing.

    It’s great playing for sure, but I just don’t hear very many devices in the right hand characteristic of Mr. Blythe, nor is the swing the same as his known verified recordings.
    The musical ideas are just different.

    I suggest you transcribe this (or maybe I will… 5 or more years from now) and I will be happy to point out, bar by bar, exactly what is going musically and why it is probably not Mr. Blythe.

    Thanks for bringing these great and otherwise undeservedly obscure sides to our attention though, this is great music.

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