Clarence Jones – Ragtime and Instrumental

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12th Street Rag (Bowman) - pb Clarence Jones - IMP 91138.midDownload 
Beets And Turnips - Fox Trot (Cliff Hess & Fred Ahlert) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50083.midDownload 
Broadway Blues, The (J.B. Walsh) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50132.midDownload 
Candy, The - Ragtime Two-Step (Clarence Jones) - Peerless Style O 20017-15.midDownload 
Chinese Blues (Moore & Gardner) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50109.midDownload 
Hee Haw (Wendling-Ager) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50133.midDownload 
Honey Bunch (Dan Caslar) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50191.midDownload 
In Bagdad - Oriental Intermezzo (J.E. Anderlik) - pb Clarence Jones & J.E. Anderlik - RollaArtis 50184.midDownload 
In Search Of A Husband - One-Step (Jones) - pbc Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50117.midDownload 
Jelly Roll Blues, The (Ferd Morton) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50192.midDownload 
Lightning Rag (Clarence Jones) - WURL 33-1.midDownload 
Mid The Pyramids (Jones-Alexander) - pb Mae Brown and Paul Pratt (as Paul Parnell) - US 39485.midDownload 
Mid The Pyramids (Jones-Alexander) - pb Walter Davison and Joe Murray - VCL 11487.midDownload 
Mid The Pyramids (Jones-Alexander) - pbc Clarence Jones and Bob Alden - IMP 9840.midDownload 
Modulations - Steppin' On The Keys (Clarence Jones) - pb John Farrell - HPC 119.midDownload 
Musical Sparks - Novelty Fox Trot (Clarence M. Jones, 1923 Rossiter) - RR unissued.midDownload 
Oh You Sally Rag (Clarence Jones) - Peerless TypeO 20017-13.midDownload 
Oh You Sally Rag (Clarence Jones) - WURL 164-3.midDownload 
One Wonderful Night - Hesitation Waltz (Clarence Jones) - APC 19036.midDownload 
One Wonderful Night - Hesitation Waltz (Clarence Jones) - Auto A-176-9.midDownload 
One Wonderful Night - Hesitation Waltz (Clarence Jones) - KI 6703.midDownload 
Oriental Tango (Clarence Jones) - WURL 20173-6.midDownload 
Oriental Tango (Clarence Jones) - pb C.A. Grimm and Maud Adams - RollaArtis 50091.midDownload 
Pauline Waltz (Clarence Jones) - US A-1210-12.midDownload 
Pussyfoot - Fox Trot (James White) - pb Clarence Jones and J.E. Anderlik - RollaArtis 50311.midDownload 
Rabbit's Foot - Fox Trot (George L. Cobb) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50156.midDownload 
Ragging The Scale - Fox Trot (Edward B. Claypoole) - pb Clarence Jones - RollaArtis 50155.midDownload 
Spring Bird - Intermezzo (Abe Olman) - pb Clarence Jones & J.E. Anderlik - RollaArtis 50122.midDownload 
Sweet Cookie Mine (Clarence Jones) - WURL 20251-9.midDownload 
Sweet Cookie Mine (Clarence Jones) - pb Victor Arden - AMP 53143.midDownload 
Thanks For The Lobster - One-Step (Clarence Jones) - pb Felix Arndt - DuoArt 5556.midDownload 
Thanks For The Lobster - One-Step, Turkey Trot, Tango (Clarence Jones) - QRS 31462.midDownload 
Thanks For The Lobster - One-Step, Turkey Trot, Tango (Clarence Jones) - WURL 20136-8.midDownload 
Thanks For The Lobster - One-Step, Two-Step, Tango (Clarence Jones) - arr. by Ellis Linder (per FLH) 20913.midDownload 
That Baseball Rag - Popular Song (Clarence Jones) - US 65932.midDownload 
That Baseball Rag - Song (Clarence Jones) - CONN 2519.midDownload 
Tripping Along (Oblinger) - pb Clarence Jones & J.E. Anderlik - RollaArtis 50274.midDownload 
Trot Along (Clarence Jones) - WURL 20663-10.midDownload 
Trot Along (Clarence Jones) - pb Gus Drobegg - SUP 5298.midDownload 
Victorious America March (Clarence Jones) - KI 7403.midDownload 
Victorious America March (Clarence Jones) - Musicnote 1099.midDownload 
Wild Grapes Rag (Clarence Jones) - RR unissued.midDownload 
Yellow Dog Rag, The (Handy) - pb Clarence Jones - IMP 9881.midDownload 

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