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Jimmy Blythe with Eloise Bennett

Posted in - Discography on February 3rd 2015 1 Comments Jimmy Blythe Eloise Bennett

Dear All,
I’ve just figured out Jimmy Blythe on piano on these two recordings with Eloise Bennett on vocals :

Love Me Mr. Strange Man  (2745-2 Paramount 12412)
Effervescent Daddy              (2746-1 Paramount 12412)

Both sides recorded in Chicago, October 1926.
B&GR suggests Irene Eadie on piano , but this is clearly Jimmy Blythe. No doubt …

Piano Kid Edwards, some notes & transcriptions

Posted in - Biography & Discography & Transcriptions on November 26th 2013 2 Comments

Along with Black Bob, another mysterious & underrated barrelhouse pianist from the 1930s was Piano Kid Edwards, realname unknown. We have no infos about him, but we are lucky enough to have his only four sides recorded for Paramount. He recorded them in a single session for Paramount label on December, 1930 in …

Aletha Dickerson Sessionography

Posted in - Discography on August 12th 2013 1 Comments

From Daniel Gugolz a complete Aletha Dickerson Sessionography as session musician on piano.
Special thanks to Daniel for provide his personal list.


21 June 1926

17 August 1929

November 1929

22 December 1936
4 May 1937

5 August 1936
13 January 1937

12 August 1936
11 October 1937

13 January 1937
10 March 1937


Black Bob Hudson Discography

Posted in - Discography on June 3rd 2013 4 Comments

One of the most prolific sideman during the 30s, pianist Black Bob Hudson recorded with musicians like Big Bill Broonzy, Tampa Red, Memphis Minnie, Lil Johnson and Washboard Sam. His style was unique, mixing ragtime, blues and boogie woogie and becoming a trademark on Big Bill and Lil Johnson records. Probably, Black …

Jimmy Blythe Discography

Posted in - Discography on March 25th 2013 7 Comments

When I started listening to Jimmy Blythe several years ago I really wanted to find out a complete discography that would allow me to have a detailed photo of what he has recorded during the 1920s.
That’s why I decided to create and publish this comprehensive “Jimmy Blythe Discography“.

editor’s note :  …

Lem Fowler Biography

Posted in - Biography & Discography on January 10th 2013 3 Comments

Lem Fowler is a mystery figure in jazz history. Although he lived over 60 years, he largely disappeared after 1932 and his birth and death dates and locations have not been positively identified. What is known is that during 1922-32 he recorded 57 songs and 23 player piano rolls in New York and …