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Buster Pickens

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Blind Lemon Jefferson famously sang that “the blues came to Texas loping like a mule” but a better metaphor might have been the freight train. It was the railroad that linked the far flung Texas towns where the bluesman, particularly the piano players, plied their trade. In one of the greatest train blues, …

Piano Kid Edwards, some notes & transcriptions

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Along with Black Bob, another mysterious & underrated barrelhouse pianist from the 1930s was Piano Kid Edwards, realname unknown. We have no infos about him, but we are lucky enough to have his only four sides recorded for Paramount. He recorded them in a single session for Paramount label on December, 1930 in …

Texas Piano Blues – 1920’s & 1930’s by Jeff Harris

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Piano blues seems to have gotten overshadowed by the emphasis on the guitar. Today the piano blues tradition is in steep decline. As Paul Oliver observed: “Texas was as rich in piano blues as Mississippi was in guitar blues …A cursory glance through the discographies will emphasize the fact that a remarkable number …

House Rent Scuffle – Early Chicago Piano

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During the period of today’s recordings , there was a mass migration of blacks from the southern states looking for regular employment and the chance to start a new life. Thousands headed to Chicago. They, together with the emerging school of pianists, took jobs as taxi drivers, hotel porters, dish washers and other …

What About Black Bob ?

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Out of all the enigmas that one might encounter while wandering around the Blues Universe, chief amongst them is, “Who, exactly, was Black Bob?” As it turns out, that’s a good question — and we’ll cut to the chase here — the answer is that no one is really certain.

In a …

Clarence Jones The Sultan of Syncopation

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Clarence Jones The Sultan of Syncopation
by Alex van der Tuuk

Pianist, songwriter, orchestra leader and piano teacher Clarence M. Jones (1889-1949) had a prolific career, which started in the first decade of the 20th century, but began to eclipse in the 1910s and 1920s, after he had left his hometown of Wilmington, Ohio and …

The Music Of Black Bob Hudson

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The Music of Black Bob Hudson, legendary Chicago pianist during the 30’s, and his amazing piano style, analyzed and discussed by English pianist James Goodwin, a great musician and a good friend.
Black Bob Hudson was a prolific sideman musician, working with major artists like Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Washboard Sam and Tampa Red. …

Aletha Dickerson Paramount Reclutant Recording Manager

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I’m very happy to publish this great article about Aletha Dickerson, compiled by Alex van der Tuuk and Mark Berresford, to whom I send my gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

Originally published on VJM Vintage Jazz Mart Magazine.

Recommended reading : Aletha Dickerson Sessionography  by Daniel Gugolz.

Cow Cow Davenport and K. G. Barkoot

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Cow Cow Blues
(recorded from Vocalstyle #13415 piano roll – played by Charles Cow Cow Davenport)
(Recorded with Pianoteq 4.5.1 – D4 Vintage)

Hurry And Bring It Home Blues
(recorded from Vocalstyle #13482 piano roll)
(Recorded with Pianoteq 4.5.1 – D4 Vintage)

Get It Fixed
(recorded from Vocalstyle #13748 piano roll)
(Recorded with Pianoteq 4.5.1 – D4 Vintage)

from Doctor Jazz Magazine  #205 – …