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Clarence “Jelly” Johnson Player Piano Rolls Part 2 – Popular Songs

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“Hawaiian Nightingale.”  A very simple although lovely waltz by Vaughn DeLeath.  Hardly to be considered within any discussion of jazz/blues or hot music.  And yet, Clarence Johnson’s performance is a salient reminder that great talent produces great music. Johnson’s playing of this otherwise commonplace, sentimental tune is uniquely his own; containing his jazz …

Clarence “Jelly” Johnson Player Piano Rolls Part 1 – Jazz and Blues

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Although Clarence Johnson left us no piano solo disc recordings, no band recordings, and only about two dozen vocal accompaniment sides, he still remains one of the most influential artists in the history of Chicago South Side Piano.  Unlike Blythe, who was prolific in all forms of recordings, Johnson’s personal playing style is …

James “Jimmy” Blythe – Player Piano Rolls Part 2 – Popular Songs

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This section will present Blythe’s piano roll recordings of popular songs, such as fox trots and waltzes of the day.  Frequently, these performances are highly jazz-tinged (even the waltzes) and exhibit Blythe’s characteristic keyboard trademarks.  On some, Blythe added hot South Side coda sections to otherwise commonplace tunes, and these are special for …

About Black Bob from Charlie West and Big Joe Duskin

Posted in - Biography & Historical on June 21st 2016 0 Comments Charley West and Black Bob

Black Bob sightings are rare birds, so I decided to publish two Black Bob testimoniancies from musicians like Charlie West and Big Joe Duskin.

Let’s start with an interview to Charlie West, first published on “Blues World #44” in 1972 by my friend Bob Eagle.

“I met Charlie West in a club …

The Hokum Boys

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“Hokum”, as musical term, seems to have come into being (or onto record labels, at least) in the late ‘20s, with recordings by Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band, and “Hokum Blues” by the Dallas String Band. From 1929 to 1931 it was something of a craze, with name artists in their own right …

Blues Piano Ghost Notes : Piano Kid Edwards & Black Bob

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There are some ghost and some blues piano ghost notes in the history of blues music. Musicians of whom nothing or almost nothing is known, but who have left their legacies in just a few 78s. Hidden by their pseudonyms and behind their 88’s , they have scored some of the highest moments …

Buster Pickens

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Blind Lemon Jefferson famously sang that “the blues came to Texas loping like a mule” but a better metaphor might have been the freight train. It was the railroad that linked the far flung Texas towns where the bluesman, particularly the piano players, plied their trade. In one of the greatest train blues, …

Piano Kid Edwards, some notes & transcriptions

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Along with Black Bob, another mysterious & underrated barrelhouse pianist from the 1930s was Piano Kid Edwards, realname unknown. We have no infos about him, but we are lucky enough to have his only four sides recorded for Paramount. He recorded them in a single session for Paramount label on December, 1930 in …

Texas Piano Blues – 1920’s & 1930’s by Jeff Harris

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Piano blues seems to have gotten overshadowed by the emphasis on the guitar. Today the piano blues tradition is in steep decline. As Paul Oliver observed: “Texas was as rich in piano blues as Mississippi was in guitar blues …A cursory glance through the discographies will emphasize the fact that a remarkable number …