Automatic A-Rolls

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The following 10- tune Automatic rolls are available as midi recordings in their original format (with pipes/xylophone, mandolin rail & pedals coding) or as listening files.

Automatic A-Roll No. SR-10
Sunset Trail Of Gold, The
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird, The
On My Trail Of Golden Dreams
I Wish I Knew
I Love Her
Trail To Long Ago, The
Nobody Loves Me Now
My Buddy
I Love Sweet Angeline

Automatic A-Roll No. SR-17 (Special Request Roll)
My Old Ramshackle Shack
Bleeding Hearted Blues
My Pal
Tell Me With Smiles
Dreamy Melody
Blaze Away. March
Indiana Moon
You Taught Me How To Love
Yes! We Have No Bananas

“Automatic A-Roll (Custom Issue) – Duggan Music Company “”Largest In The South,”” Leesburg, Florida. No. 20 A “”Latest Revues (Fox Trots)”” “”Selected And Arranged By Mr. E.E. Miller”””
You’re Driving Me Crazy
I Miss A Little Miss
You’re Simply Delish
We’re Friends Again
When Kentucky Bids The World Good Morning
Peanut Vendor, The
Yours And Mine
You’re The One I Care For
Just A Gigolo

Automatic A-Roll No. 119 (Incomplete Title Information)
Unknown 6/8 March (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Two-Step – Minor Key & Good! (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Ballad – Beautiful (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Mazurka – Gorgeous (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Polka Two-Step (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Rag Song – Beautiful (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Galop (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Mazurka – Same Selection As Tune #4 (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Polka Two-Step – Very Pretty (Great Silent Movie Music)
Unknown Fast Polka (Great Silent Movie Music)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-155
Sing Rock-A-By-Baby To Me
If You Don’t Want Me (Why Do You Hang Around?)
La Bella Cubanero. Tango
Booster, The. An American Absurdity Rag
Tango Argentina. Buenos Ayres
Just A Little Bit Of Green. Dance
Love’s Confession (Confession D’Amour)
Just Like The Rose You Gave
Lovely Lou. Southern Ballad
“High Jinks. From “”High Jinks”””
Beautiful Island Of Love, The
My Hidden Treasure. Song
Paradise For Two
In The Valley Of The Moon. Two Step
Summertime Moon, The. Two Step

Automatic A-Roll No. A-156
“Run Along, Mr. Ogre Man. From “”Hop O’ My Thumb”””
I Want Just You
“Thy Mouth Is A Rose. From “”The Little Café”””
Nirvana. Waltzes
Until You Said Good-Bye
You’re A Dear Sweet Boy. Medley Two Step
I Never Knew
With You
I’m On My Way To Mandalay
Pastime Rag No. 2. A Slow Drag
Sit Down, Sit Down, Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat
Bridal Party. Waltzes
Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love. Song
Pomp And Pride. March And Two Step
Daddy, Come Home

Automatic A-Roll No. A-176
Meet Me In The Moonlight, Carrie. Song
You’re A Song Bird. Song
El Clavel (The Carnation). Tango
Dreaming At Twilight. Waltzes
“Those Days Of Long Ago. Waltz From “”Hop O’ My Thumb”””
All I Want Is A Beautiful Girl. March Two Step
Mon Desir. Hesitation Waltz
“Girl That Dreams Of Me, The. Waltz Song From “”When Love Is Young”””
One Wonderful Night, You Told Me You Loved Me. Hesitation Waltz
Getting Mad Was Never Made For Us. Two Step

Automatic A-Roll No. A-238
When The Lamps Are Low. One Step, Trot
When The Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies. One Step
Music Box Rag, The. Fox Trot
Just Around The Corner From Broadway. One Step
Every Road. From “”The Elopers””. Song”
When It’s Moonlight On The Alamo. Tango
You Great Big Beautiful Doll. One Step, Trot
Southern Moon. From “”Pretty Mrs. Smith”””
I’ll Take You Back To Panama. One Step, Trot
Let By-Gones Be By-Gones

Automatic A-Roll No. A-271
Sweetest Girl In Monterey, The
Paradise Bay
Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In). One Step
Could Anything Be Sweeter?
San Francisco (At That San Fran Pan-American Fair). One Step
Tar Heel Blues, The. Fox Trot, One Step
At The Five And Ten Cent Store
Under The American Flag
If We Can’t Be The Same Old Sweethearts, We’ll Just Be The Same Old Friends. Fox Trot
Close To My Heart

Automatic A-Roll No. A-293
Broadway Blues
Kansas City Blues
Alamo Blues
Petticoat Lane
Fort Worth Blues
Chinese Blues
Original Chicago Blues, The
Yellow Dog Rag
Joe Turner Blues
Baby Seals Blues. (Sing ‘Em, They Sound Good To Me)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-295 “”Special Review”””
America, I Love You
On The 7:28. Fox Trot
Floating Down The Old Green River
Moon Slide Rag
New York Hippodrome March, The
Norway (Land Of The Midnight Sun). One Step, Trot
Golden Fleece. Two Step
Come On Along. Fox Trot
Back Home In Tennessee
Hello Frisco. Fox Trot

Automatic A-Roll No. A-296
Any Old Night. From “”Nobody Home”””
Red Raven Rag
Good Scout. Two Step And March
When It’s Orange Blossom Time In Loveland. One Step
Chow-Chow. Two Step
If You Only Had My Disposition. Fox Trot
Black Wasp Rag. A Stinger
Love, Here Is My Heart
Midnight Trot
Omar Khayyam. Intermezzo

Automatic A-Roll No. A-297
In The Valley Of The Nile
Agitation Rag
Loading Up The Mandy Lee
Soupirs D’Amour. Valse
National Defense. March And Two Step
Chatterbox Rag
Auf Wiedersehn! From “”The Blue Paradise”””
At The Cake Walk Jubilee
Trombonola. Cake Walk, One Step
That Demon Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-302
Hello, Hawaii, How Are You?
Frou Frou. One Step
Are You From Dixie?
Top Liner Rag
When You Were A Baby And I Was The Kid Next Door
“That Hula Hula. Introducing “”The Girl On The Magazine””. Fox Trot From “”Stop! Look! Listen!”””
Rose Of Honolulu
Intermission Rag
Poppy Time In Old Japan
Nay, Nay Pauline

Automatic A-Roll No. A-303
Don’t Bite The Hand That’s Feeding You
Let’s Go
No One But Your Dear Old Dad
Jazbo. Fox Trot
Save Your Kisses Till The Boys Come Home
In Bagdad
My Shasta Daisy
March, Liberty
An Old Fashioned Garden In Virginia
Croon Time Waltz

Automatic A-Roll No. A-310
So Long, Letty
Blue Goose Rag
Sweet Cider Time, When You Were Mine
Twentieth Century March
They Didn’t Believe Me
At The Fountain Of Youth
Rosie Rosenblott, Don’t Make No Theatre With Me
Evelyn. Fox Trot
Good-Bye, Good Luck, Good Bless You Is All That I Can Say

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-319 “”Special Dance Review”””
America First. March Two Step
Rosalie Waltz
“Virginia From Virginia, Wait For Me. (Note: Ref. 16 Gives Title As “”Evelyn,”” Fox Trot, But Roll Is Different)”
Croon Time Waltz
Frou Frou. One Step, Trot
“Dancing The Jelly Roll. Fox Trot, One Step. (Note: Ref. 16 Gives Title As “”Only You,”” Waltz, Buy Roll Is Different)”
Goose Step. Novelty One Step
Everything In America Is Ragtime
I Love A Piano
Good-Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You Is All That I Can Say

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-324 “”Special Review Rag”””
Wake Up, America
Bugle Call Rag
You Can’t Get Along When You’re With ‘Em Or Without ‘Em
Walkin’ The Dog
There’s A Quaker In Quaker Town
Humoreske Waltz
International Fox Trot
On The Beach At Waikiki
Babes In The Wood

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-326 “”Patriotic Roll”””
America Forever
Battle Cry Of Peace
Preparedness March
Wake Up, America
March Liberty
America First
Honor And Glory March
Second Regiment March

Automatic A-Roll No. A-327
You’re A Dog-Gone Dangerous Girl
Brisk And Breezy March
Teddy, You’re A Bear
Mo Anna. Hawaiian Waltz
Cactus Rag
After Dinner Trot
Pretty Baby
Johnny Get A Girl
My Own Iona
Two Key Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-331
In The Beautiful Seaside Air. One Step
I’ve Got A Sweet Tooth Bothering Me. Fox Trot
National Defense March
Baby Shoes
Way Down In Borneo. Fox Trot
Stormy Sea Of Love. One Step
More Melody. Fox Trot
Cup Hunters. One Step
S’More. Fox Trot
Son Set Rag

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-364 “”Rag Roll”””
New Orleans Hop Scop Blues, The
I Ain’t Got Nobody
Bull Frog Blues
Don’t Say Nothin’
Blue Note Rag
It’s Hard To Find A Loving Man That’s True
Coburn Blues, The
No Matter What You Do
Norfolk Blues
Long, Long Time Before You See My Face Again

Automatic A-Roll No. A-367
Way Down In Iowa (I’m Going To Hide Away)
When You Drop Off At Cairo, Illinois
Mon Soldat (My Soldier Boy). March
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?
Throw Me A Rose
My Waikiki Ukelele Girl
I Want To Be Wooed By A Toreador
I Didn’t Mean Good-Bye
Honolulu Cabaret
Hula Boola Boo

Automatic A-Roll No. 375
“Brownskin Blues (really “”Brownskin””)”
Homesickness Blues
Walkin’ The Dog
I Ain’t Got Nobody
Shake-A-Leg Rag
Jelly Roll Blues
Honolulu Blues
Red Raven Rag
Kansas City Blues
Hawaiian Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-379 “”Special Jazz Arrangement”””
Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!
That Funny Jazz Band From Dixieland
Whose Pretty Baby Are You Now?
Hong Kong
My Fox Trot Girl
Allah’s Holiday
If A Baby Would Never Grow Older A Mother Would Never Grow Sad
If You Ever Get Lonely
Once In A While
Don’t Leave Me, Daddy

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-384 “”Hawaiian Roll”””
My Hawaiian Sunshine
My Waikiki Ukelele Girl
Those Sighin’ Hawaiian Blues
Aloha Land
Good-Bye, Honolulu
She Sang Aloha To Me
Kuu Pau Rosenlain
My Lonely Lola Lo
Lea Ana Au I Ke Aloha O Kana
Lia I Ke Aloha

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-386 “”Blue Rag Roll – By Request”””
Tennessee Blues, The
Teasing The Cat Rag
Paradise Blues
Salted Dog, The. A New Dog Walk
Colonial Rag
Down Where The Niggers Walk The Dog
Ole Miss Rag
San Francisco Blues, The
Pray For The Lights To Go Out
Coburn Blues, The

Automatic A-Roll No. A-392
Someone Else May Be There While I’m Gone. Jazz Fox Trot
When The Sun Goes Down In Dixie
Italian Nights
When Those Sweet Hawaiian Babies Roll Their Eyes
Let’s Make Believe We’re Back To Childhood
Far Away In Honolulu They’ve Got The Tango Craze
Come Out Of The Kitchen, Mary Ann. Two Step
Little Liza Jane. Jazz Fox Trot
At Seven, Seventeen And Seventy
Somewhere In Dixie

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-397 “”Bohemian Roll”””
Zelenia-Hosi. Pochod
Grief. Polka. (Zal Polka)
Two Canaries Polka (Dva Kanarci)
Na Vrasicku. Pochod
Praci Cesi. Pochod
Red Standard March, The. (Dudy Prapor Pochos)
Po Sokolsku. Pochod
Nemelem. Pochod
Rosie. Polka (Ruzenka)
Tea Party Waltz. (Cajovy Vecirek)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-431 “”Special Review”””
Where Do We Go From Here? Jass One Step
How Can Any Little Girlie Be A Nice Little Girl?
Over There
You Have A Wonderful Way. Jass Fox Trot
Joan Of Arc
Livery Stable Blues. Fox Trot
For Your Country And My Country
Lily Of The Valley. Jass Fox Trot
Someone Else May Be There When I’m Gone
Whole World Will Be Jealous Of Me, The

Automatic A-Roll No. A-438 (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
A Baby’s Prayer At Twilight. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
You’re Been Calling the Stars And Stripes Forever. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Missouri Waltz, The. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Spirit Of America. Patriotic Patrol. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Over There. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
National Emblem March. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Liberty Bell (It’s Time To Ring Again). (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Over The Top. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
Keep The Home Fires Burning Until The Boys Come Home. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)
American Patrol. (Possibly Alternate Issue Roll – Per Ref. 78 10/17 Bulletin)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-439
Melody Land
That Wonderful Fox Trot
In Lilac Time
My Soldier Boy
Daughter Of The Nile. Jass Fox Trot
Soldier’s Sweetheart. Valse Militaire
“Travel On. One Step From “”Dew Drop Inn”””
You’re A Great Big Lonesome Baby
My Country Tis Of Thee
Some Sweet Day. Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-446
Homeward Bound. Jass One Step
Liberty March
I’m Sorry I Made You Cry
Alexander’s Got A Jass Band Now
So Long, Sammy
Cocoanut Grove. Fox Trot
China, We Owe A Lot To You
Sentimental Oriental Nights
Over The Top
Down In Borneo Isle

Automatic A-Roll No. A-450 (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
College Memories. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
March Of Ak-Sar-Ben. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
Excelsior March. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
On The Mall. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
Valiant Volunteers March. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
Battleship New York. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
Champion March. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
Brass Band, The. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
March Victorious. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)
From Sea To Sea. (Alternate Tune Line-Up From 1/18 Automatic Bulletin)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-466
Way Down There, A Dixie Boy Is Missing
Wisconsin Forward Forever. March
Chin Chin Chinaman
Magic Of Your Eyes, The. Waltz, Mandolin Interpolations
“Tickle Toe, The. From “”Going Up”””
We’re Going To Take The Germ Out Of Germany
I Hate To Lose You
Down By The Old Red Mill
Whenever I Think Of You
My Sunshine Jane. Marimba Effect

Automatic A-Roll No. A-481
For The Two Of Us
New Recruit March, The
I Miss The Mississippi Miss That Misses Me
Say A Prayer For The Boys Out There
I Miss My Daddy’s Good-Night Kiss
Wondrous Eyes Of Araby
Dream Waltz, The
Registration Day In The U.S.A.

Automatic A-Roll No. A-495 (**Note: Alternate Tune Line-Up From Automatic 6/18 Bulletin**)
Country’s Colors March. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
Longing For Home. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
Old Virginia Moon. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
My Sweeter Than Sweet. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
My Dear. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
Mark Time. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
That Cat Step. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
It’s Tight Like That. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
Wake Up America. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)
Dawn Comes Late. (Alternate Tune Line-Up – Ref. 27)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-496
Yanks Started Yankin’, The. Syncopated Waltz
I Like To Keep My Eyes On You. Rag
Volunteers March
For The Jack O’Lanterns Glow
Polly, Pretty Polly
Gun Fire, The
Uncle Sammy’s At The Bat
Reign Of Youth. Waltzes
Bye And Bye
I’m A Real Kind Mamma. Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-497
I’ll Think Of You
Massachusetts Military March
There’s A Little Blue Star In The Window, And It Means All The World To Me. Ballad
My Dream Girl. Syncopated Waltz
So Long Sal
Can’t ‘Yo Heah Me Callin’ Caroline. Ballad
They Want It Again
My Little Rambling Rose. Ballad
I Want A Daddy Like You
When You’re Lonesome For Someone Who’s Lonesome For You

Automatic A-Roll No. A-529
Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout The Doggone Blues (But I’m Happy)
Honey Lou. Rag
Hooking Cow Blues, The
Buzzin’ Along. Rag
Bone Head Blues
12th Street Rag
Hang-Over Blues
Darktown Strutter’s Ball, The
Kansas City Blues
Joe Turner Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-533
I Ain’t Got Weary Yet
Columbia’s Call
Since You Went Away
All Aboard For Rock-A-Bye Bay
Down On Blue Bird Bay
Loyalty Waltz
Why Shouldn’t Old King Solomon Get The Blues?
Jerry Mon Cheri
Mummy Mine

Automatic A-Roll No. 540
Navy Will Bring Them Back, The
Fighting Ninth, The
Lonesome, That’s All
A Rainbow From The U.S.A.
Dream Memories
Sweet Baby Doll
I’ve Got A Ten Day Pass For A Honeymoon. March Song
Cupids On Parade
Girl Behind The Gun, The

Automatic A-Roll No. A-566 (Incomplete Information)
Unknown Selection (Missing On Existing Copy)
Till We Meet Again
Beautiful Ohio
Unknown Waltz
Unknown One Step
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Rag Onestep (great..Indian motif)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-571 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Don’t Care Blues
De Possum And Coon. Clog Dance
Flower Garden Blues
Sliding Sid Rag
Aviation Blues
Smoky Sam Rag
Mournin’ Blues
An African Symphony Rag
Alcoholic Blues
Drowsy Dempsey. Cake Walk

Automatic A-Roll No. A-585 “”Blue Rag Roll – By Request”””
Alcoholic Blues
Colorado Blues
Tennessee Blues
Norfolk Blues
Coburn Blues, The
Tishomingo Blues
Moonlight Blues
Those Draftin’ Blues
Mournin’ Blues
Bluin’ The Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-586 “”Dance Review Roll”””
Out Of The East. Oriental Fox Trot
Mammy’s Lullaby
Burmah Moon
Alabama Lullaby. Waltz Ballad
Peter Gink. One Step
Mummy Mine
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose. Ballad

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-592 “”Hawaiian Roll”””
Kuu Loke Ula Ula (My Red Red Rose). Jazz Fox Trot
Yock-A-Hilo Town
Hawaiian Twilight. Melodie Waltz
Hawaiian Moonlight
Dear Old Dreamy Honolulu Town
Hawaiian Nights Waltzes
My Hawaiian Sunshine
My Lonely Lola Lo (In Hawaii)
Aloha Land. Hawaiian Waltz
My Waikiki Ukelele Girl

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-598 “”Review Roll”””
Eyes That Say I Love You
I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
Everybody Wants A Key To My Cellar
I’m Glad I Can Make You Cry
You’re Still An Old Sweetheart Of Mine
Down By The Meadow Brook
Alcoholic Blues
Wait And See
Ze Yankee Boys Have Made A Wild French Baby Out Of Me

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-604 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
West Texas Blues, The. Fox Trot
Busted Blues, The. Rag
That’s Got ‘Em Rag
Big Chief Blues. Fox Trot
Skeleton Rag
Royal Garden Blues. Fox Trot
Darkie Tickle Dance
Bohemia Rag
Indian Blues
Troubadour Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-605
Alexander’s Band Is Back In Dixieland
American Crusaders March
Dreamy Alabama
Hand That Rocked The Cradle Rules My Heart, The
I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome
Hawaiian Lullaby
While They Still Make Those Beautiful Girls
My Baby’s Arms
Where The Lanterns Glow
On The Trail To Santa Fe

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-608 “”Jazzamania”””
Jazitis. One Step
Jazanjaz. One Step
Jazology. One Step
Jazorient. Fox Trot
Jaba Jaba Jazz. Fox Trot
Jazonata. Fox Trot
Jazette. One Step
Jigger Jazz. One Step
Jazioso. One Step
Jazzola. Fox Trot

Automatic A-Roll No. A-614
There’s A Lot Of Blue-Eyed Marys Down In Maryland
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
Just For Me And Mary
Carolina Sunshine
I’m A Dancing Fool
In My Dreams
Bom-Bom-Bom-Bhe (The Melody Blues)
Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care)
I’m Lonesome, Nobody Cares For Me
Give Me The Sultan’s Harem (Won’t You Give That Harem To Me)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-621 “”Review Roll”””
I Used To Call Her Baby
Broken Blossoms
Poor Little Butterfly Is A Fly Gal Now
On The Trail To Sante Fe
That’s Worth While Waiting For
Golden Gate, Open For Me
You Didn’t Want Me When You Had Me
In Flowerland
There’s A Lot Of Blue Eyed Mary’s Down In Maryland
Carolina Sunshine

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-622 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Symptoms Of The Blues
Riveter’s Rag, The
Glide On, Soldier. Blues
Loving Mama And Papa Blues, The
Some Loving Man (You Bet). Rag
I’ve Got The Aggravating Blues
Slow And Easy. Rag
Early Mornin’ Blues
Syncopated King Blues
Deep Sea Blues, The

Automatic A-Roll No. A-630
Oh! What A Pal Was Mary
They’re All Sweeties
You Know What I Mean
I’m Always Building Castles In The Air
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
I Am Climbing Mountains
Pretty Little Rainbow
Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care)
In Your Arms

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-631 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Beale Street Shimmie
Navy’s Blue Rag, The
Indian Smoke Dance
Shim-Me-King’s Blues, The
Intermission Rag
Wicked Blues
Beautiful Ohio Blues
Pickaninny Blues
You Can’t Get Lovin’ Where There Ain’t Any Love
“49 Blues, The. The “”49″” Blues”

Automatic A-Roll No. A-632
Eagle’s Eye, The. March
Wedding Of Shimmie And Jazz, The
You’re A Million Miles From Nowhere (When You’re One Little Mile From Home)
Hold Me
I’d Like To Be Rip Van Winkle In Rip Van Winkle Town
Jazanola. Fox Trot
Midnight Girl, The
While Others Are Building Castles In The Air

Automatic A-Roll No. A-635
Let’s All Be Pals Together. Two Step
Drowsy Baby
Jazynco. Fox Trot
My Tambourine Girl
Jazz Classique. Fox Trot
It’s There. Fox Trot
That’s The Way I’ve Missed You
Was There Ever A Pal Like You?
Golden Melody

Automatic A-Roll No. A-636 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Bell Hop Blues
O Saroo! Saroo! Rag
Royal Garden Blues
I’m Going Back To My Used To Be. Rag
Symptoms Of The Blues
If Your Man Is Like My Man (I Sympathize With You). Rag
Beale Street Shimmie. Blues
I Wish I Could Shimmie Like My Sister Kate. Rag. (As Per Listing: “”I Wish I Could Shemme ‘Like My Sister Kate'”” Rag)”
Syncopated King. Blues
Come Back To Me, Mandy. Rag

Automatic A-Roll No. A-646
Oh, How I Laugh When I Think How I Cried Over You
Dixie Wedding
Hiawatha’s Melody Of Love
Rainbow Of My Dreams
Wiggle Wig Waggin’ Around
Left All Alone Again Blues
Beautiful Hawaiian Love
Desert Dreams
Arabian Moon

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-649 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Blind Man Blues
Be-Hap-E Blues. Rag
Baby Blues
Thunderbolt Blues. Rag
Loving Blues
Blue Note Rag
Bermuda Blues
Dixies Blues
“Golden Rod Blues. (Really “”Golden Rod””)”
Klondyke Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-652
Dardanella Blues, The
When The Harvest Moon Is Shining
My Bridal Veil
I’ll Make Bubbles
Valley Of Dreams, The
Under The Moon
Without Kissing, Love Isn’t Love
If I Had Only Met You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-663 “”Old Time Special”””
Sunshine And You. Marimba Waltz
In Gay Havana
Hawaiian Breezes
I’m Going To That Jazz Ball
Till I Met You
Hot Tamale Mollie
Evening Brings Memories Of You. Marimba Waltz
Easy Stepper’s Ball

Automatic A-Roll No. A-670
All The Boys Love Mary
Chicken Cackle. Fox Trot
Mississippi Shore
Marion (You’ll Soon Me Marryin’ Me)
Gallant Hero, The. March And One Step
Rose Time In Hawaii
Village Blacksmith, The. March And One Step
Slide, Kelly, Slide
Sally (Shame On You)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-672
Whose Baby Are You?
I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
Oh! Lawdy
Beautiful Annabelle Lee
If You Only Knew
Close To Your Heart
That’s It

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-675 “”Polish Roll”””
Marsz Sokolow
Moje Zlotko, Polka Mazurka
Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela, Polonez
Lobzowianka, Polka
Wojt Mazur
Nowe Krakowiaki
Fantasie, Transcription On Two Polish National Songs
Marsz Zjednoczenia
Czardasz Tatrzanski
Polish March No. 4

Automatic A-Roll No. A-678
Jolly Cobblers, The. March And One Step
You’re The Only Girl That Made Me Cry
Until I Say Good-Bye
Shimmy Moon
Where The Lanterns Glow
When You Come Back To Me
Daigha’s Dream. One Step
When Shadows Fall I Hear You Calling California
Cuddling Arms

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-681 “”Review Roll”””
Village Blacksmith, The
“Close To Your Heart. From “”Honey Girl”””
Beautiful Anabelle Lee
“Slide, Kelly, Slide. (Note: On Original Roll Label “”Pretty Kitty Kelly”” Waltz Is Here)”
All The Boys Love Mary
Indiana Moon
Whose Baby Are You?
Evening Brings Memories Of You. Marimba Waltz
“Pretty Kitty Kelly. (Note: On Original Roll Label “”Slide, Kelly, Slide”” Is Here)”

Automatic A-Roll No. A-682
Rainy Day Blues
Chasing The Blues
Early Morning Blues
Dreaming Blues
Unknown Blues
Swanee Blues
Yellow Dog Blues
Souvenir Blues
Why Don’t You Drive My Blues Away?
Lonesome Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-687
Yo San. Chinese Fox Trot
Valse Nanette
I’m The Hostess Of A Bum Cabaret
Underneath The Palms
Drifting. Marimba Waltz
Mammy’s Goodnight Lullaby
North Wind. March And Two Step
Don’t You Remember The Time?
I Like To Linger In The Lingerie

Automatic A-Roll No. A-693
I’m Gonna Jazz My Way (Right Straight Thru’ Paradise)
There’s A Vacant Chair At Home Sweet Home
My Home Town Is A One Horse Town
I’ve Got A Grand Baby With A Baby Grand
Do You Really Want Me?
Down In Echo Valley
I’m Going To Start All Over
She’s The Heart Of Dixieland
Glory For Yale
Little Miss Lonesome

Automatic A-Roll No. A-694
Road’s Rocky Blues
Blacksmith Rag
A.B.C.D. Blues
Sky Rockets Rag
Sugar Blues
Neglectful Blues
Critic’s Blues, The
Blue Clover Man
I’ve Got The Blues For My Old Kentucky Home
Sweet Mama, Papa’s Getting Mad

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-708 “”Mexican Roll”””
La Mexicain. Maxixe
Blue Danube Waltz
Lola. Mazurka
Las Mandolinas. Waltz
El Brigadier. March And Two Step
Lagrimas De Vino. Waltz
Quo Vadis. Schottische
Violettes. Waltz
Maria Natalia. One Step
Gallito. Paso Doble Flamenco

Automatic A-Roll No. A-712
Sweet Sadie
Spring Bird Intermezzo
Just We Two
Rose Of Araby
Isle Of Paradise
Congo Nights
Ten Baby Fingers
Hiawatha’s Melody Of Love
Broken Moon

Automatic A-Roll No. A-725 **PARTIAL ROLL ONLY***
Daisy Days
Drug Store Cabaret, The
American Volunteers. March And One Step
Dear Little Rose Girl
Eve Cost Adam Just One Bone
Ump-Pah-Pah. One Step

Automatic A-Roll No. A-730
Mon Homme (My Man)
My Spanish Rose
Pack Me Up In Your Heart
Bring Back The Daisies
Beyond The Stars
Vamping Rose
There Is One Girl
Rio Nights
Gypsy Moon
I Want You Morning, Noon And Night

Automatic A-Roll No. A-733
Roosevelt March
Little Tin Soldier, The
Loyal Knights. March And Two Step
There Comes A Some Day
Washington Grays. March And Two Step
Legion Of Victory. March And One Step
General Wheeler’s March And Two Step
United Nations. March And Two Step

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-735 “”Blues De Luxe”””
Crazy Blues
Slow Drag Blues, The
No Wonder I’m Blue
Those Mean Blue Sunday Blues
No Ma’am Blues
It Takes Love To Cure The Heart’s Disease. Blues
Loveless Love. Blues
Blue Law Sunday Blues
Graveyard Blues
St. Louis Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-755 (Incomplete Title Information – Mixed Mexican And Fox Trot Roll)
Unknown Tango (Great!)
Unknown Mexican Two Step
Love Nest, The
Unknown Mexican Polka
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Mexican Tango
Ain’t We Got Fun?
Unknown Mexican One Step
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Mexican One Step

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-759 “”Popular Song And Dance Roll”””
Open Arms
All For You
I Found A Rose In The Devil’s Garden
Where The Lazy Mississippi Flows
Mem’ries Of You, Mammy
Unknown Fox Trot No Information In Ref. #27
Dangerous Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-776 “”Blue Rag Roll”””
Stop! Rest A While. Blues
Black And White Rag
Nervous Blues
Novelty Rag
I’ve Got The Red, White And Blues
Rag Baby Rag
Arkansas Blues
Poverty Rag
Gypsy Blues
Jack Rabbit Rag

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-782 “”The Best Blues Ever”””
Cry Baby Blues
Brother Low Down
Sandman Blues
Lonesome, Lovesick, Got To Have My Daddy Blues
Muscle Shoals Blues
Toddle Inn
Missing Link, The
I’ve Got The Blues, But I’m Just Too Mean To Cry
Rambling Blues
Wabash Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-786 “”Popular Variety”””
Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes
Baltimore Buzz
It’s A Wonderful World After All
It Must Be Someone Like You
Baby Face
I’m A Dog-Gone Struttin’ Fool. Blues
Weep No More My Mammy
Silver Sands Of Love
Say It With Music

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-788 “”Special Blue Review Roll”””
St. Louis Blues
Bluin’ The Blues
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Broadway Blues
Squealin’ Pig Blues
Sweet Mamma Blues
Slow And Easy
Joe Turner Blues
Royal Garden Blues
Wicked Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-789 “”Mexican”””
My Man (Mon Homme)
Do You Ever Think Of Me?
El Relicario
Mello Cello

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-793 “”Popular Song And Dance Hits”””
My Darling
You’re A Good Old Car
Be Yourself
Somewhere In Naples
Lalawanna Lullaby
When You’ve Lost The Trail To Home Sweet Home
Sun Will Soon Be Shining, The
When Buddha Smiles

Automatic A-Roll No. A-802
Spooky Ooky Blues
Aunt Jemima’s Jubilee
Home Again Blues
Ghost Of Mister Jazz, The
She’s Always Singing
Jelly Bean. Rag
No Wonder I’m Blue
How Do They Do It?
“Unknown Blues Fox Trot (Sounds Similar To “”Kansas City Man Blues””)”
Unknown One Step

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-803 “”Popular Song And Dance Hits”””
Good-Bye Shanghai
Ole Miss Blues
Too Many Kisses
April Showers
Just A Little Love Song
Dying With The Blues
When Buddha Smiles
Honey Love

Automatic A-Roll No. A-813 “”Selected Blues”””
Schoolhouse Blues
Aviation Blues
Deep Sea Blues
Muscle Shoals Blues
Rambling Blues
Wicked Blues
Arkansas Blues
Squealin’ Pig Blues
Wabash Blues
Bluer Than The Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-824 “”Brand New”””
Sing Song Man
Babbling Brook
No Use Crying
Who Tied The Can On The Old Dog’s Tail?
My Machree’s Lullaby
All Over Nothing At All
You Won’t Be Sorry
People Like Us
When You And I Were Young, Maggie Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-831 “”Brand New”””
Oogie Oogie Wa Wa
Bamboo Bay
Decatur Street Blues
Every Day
Kiss Me By Wireless
When You Long For A Pal Who Would Care
Broken Hearted Blues
Swanee Bluebird

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-840 “”Hawaiian Roll”””
Hula Dreams
Sweet Hawaiian Girl Of Mine
Hawaiian Rainbow
Manila Memories
Along Hawaiian Shores
Hawaiian Nightingale
Underneath Hawaiian Skies
Hawaiian Chimes
Golden Sands Of Waikiki
Silver Sands Of Love

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-847 “”Brand New”””
Coal Black Mammy
Down Old Virginia Way
East Is East, West Is West
In My Home Town
Birmingham Blues
My Buddy
Send Back My Honey Man

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-848 “”Brand New”””
I Love Sweet Angeline
Tomorrow Morning
Trail To Long Ago, The
Two Little Wooden Shoes
I Got The Air From Popper Blues
Nobody Loves Me Now
Lonesome Longin’ Blues
Oh! Is She Dumb

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-851 “”Waltz Roll”””
Three O’Clock In The Morning
Over The Waves
Blue Danube Waltz
Missouri Waltz
Swanee River Moon
Till We Meet Again
Kiss Me Again
Aloha Oe
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
That Naughty Waltz

Automatic A-Roll No. A-853 “”Brand New”””
I’m Always Stuttering
True Blue Sam (The Travelin’ Man)
I’m Happy
My Dixie
Hand Painted Doll
After You’ve Said Goodbye
French Trot, The
For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-873 “”Blues”””
Kiss Mama, Kiss Papa
Clover Blossom Blues
Birmingham Blues
Early In The Morning Blues
Nobody Loves Me Now
Rudolph Valentino Blues
Lonesome Longin’ Blues
Pacific Coast Blues
Sweet Smellin’ Mama (Poro Blues)
That Da-Da Strain

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-880 “”Blues”””
I’ve Got Another Lovin’ Mamma
Discontented Blues
Got To Cool My Doggies Now
Vampin’ Liza Jane
Four O’Clock Blues
Look What A Fool I’ve Been
Bugle Blues
Cootie Crawl, The
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
Down Home Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-904
I’m Going Away Just To Wear You Off My Mind
Wonderful One
Whoa! Tillie, Take Your Time
Lovelight In Your Eyes, The
Nobody Loves You Better Than Your M-A-Double-M-Y
Just For Old Time’s Sake
Starlight Bay
I Love Me (I’m Wild About Myself)

Automatic A-Roll No. A-911
Old King Tut
Cat’s Pajamas, The. Fox Trot
Rosetime And You
Waltz Of Love, The
Your Time Now (‘Twill Be Mine After Awhile)
Barney Google
Some Day
Blue Hoosier Blues
Sad Hawaiian Sea

Automatic A-Roll No. A-913
Yes! We Have No Bananas
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
Sunset Trail Of Gold, The
Saw Mill River Road
Fidg-Et-Ty Fidge, The
Sweet One
Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses
When Will The Sun Shine For Me?
Natchez And The Robert E. Lee, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-915 “”Hawaiian”””
Hawaiian Chimes
Hawaiian Rainbow
Sweet Hawaiian Girl Of Mine
Hawaiian Nightingale
Honolulu Honey
Honolulu Eyes
Hawaiian Moon
Dreamy Hawaii
Silver Sands Of Love
Hula Dreams

Automatic A-Roll No. A-918 (Incomplete Title Information)
Maggie (Yes Ma’am)
I Cried For You (Confrey Version)
Waitin’ For The Evenin’ Mail (Wendling w/double-time chorus)
Unknown Waltz
Frankie And Johnny
I Ain’t Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me
Midnight Blues (Fats Waller performance)
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Fox Trot

Automatic A-Roll No. A-924
Whoa, Tillie Take Your Time
Old King Tut
Dreamy Melody
Roses Of Picardy
Morning Will Come
Saw Mill River Road
When Will The Sun Shine For Me?
When The Clouds Have Vanished
Carolina Mammy
March Of The Mannikins

Automatic A-Roll No. A-936
Indiana Moon
Yes! We Have No Bananas
My Electric Girl
River Shannon Moon
Livery Stable Blues
South Sea Eyes
Rose Of Sunny Italy

Automatic A-Roll No. A-937 (Incomplete Title Information)
I Cried For You
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot
Barney Google
Unknown Fox Trot (Super Arr. & Tune)
“Unknown Fox Trot (Marimba, Interpolation of “”Melody In F””)”
“Unknown Fox Trot (Possibly “”Louisville Lou””)”
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot

Automatic A-Roll No. A-938
You Said Something When You Said Dixie
When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In
Hey! You Want Any Codfish, Lady?
Louisville Lou
Honeymoon Chimes
Roses Of Picardy
Don’t Cry, Swanee
Swingin’ Down The Lane
Swanee River Moon

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-965 “”Danceland’s Favorites”””
Hi Lee Hi Lo
I Love You
Evil Blues
You Can’t Make A Fool Out Of Me
Old Fashioned Love
Last Night On The Back Porch
No No Nora
Down By The Wishing Well
Cotton Belt Blues

Automatic A-Roll No. A-968
Papa Better Watch Your Step
Blue Hoosier Blues
Midnight Blues
Mama’s Got The Blues
Gulf Coast Blues
Sundown Blues
Cotton Belt Blues
Rampart Street Blues
Banana Blues (I’ve Got The Yes We Have No Bananas Blues)
House Of David Blues, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-973 “”Ten Knockouts”””
Little Butterfly
Dear Old Lady
I Still Believe In You
Walk, Jennie, Walk
Dancing Honeymoon
Mamma Loves Papa
Little Boy
Hula Land
Now That I Need You You’re Gone

Automatic A-Roll No. A-986
Play It A Long Time Papa
Stavin’ Change (The Meanest Man In New Orleans)
Last Night On The Back Porch
Mama Goes Where Papa Goes
Mamma Loves Papa
Shake Your Feet
Mama’s Got The Blues
You’ve Got Me Simply Cuckoo
When It’s Night Time In Italy (It’s Wednesday Over Here)
If I Can’t Get The Sweetie I Want (I Pity The Sweetie I Get)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-999 “”Popular Song And Dance Hits”””
Maybe (She’ll Write Me, She’ll Phone Me)
Cover Me With Kisses
Just The Same
Some Winter’s Night
A Smile Will Go A Long, Long Way
Kansas City Man Blues
Old New England
I Wonder Who’s Dancing With You Tonight
Down On The Farm

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1008 “”Dandy Dancers”””
Whose Izzy Is He?
When Dixie Stars Are Playing Peek-A-Boo
Two Blue Eyes
London Bridge Is Falling Down
There’s Nobody Else But You
Me No Speak-A Good English
Sunshine Of Mine
What’ll I Do?
Where The Lazy Daisies Grow
Dancin’ Dan

“Automatic A-Roll No. 1009 “”Lively And Snappy Trots”””
So This Is Venice
Dancin’ Dan
Mindin’ My Bus’ness
Nine O’Clock Sal
Linger Awhile
Cover Me With Kisses
Mean Blues
Hula Lou
Lovey Came Back

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1018 “”A Pep-Pep-Pepper Review”””
Maybe (She’ll Write Me, She’ll Phone Me)
Whose Izzy Is He?
You Left Me Out In The Rain
Sittin’ In A Corner
Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away
I Wonder Who’s Dancing With You Tonight
Sobbin’ Blues
Not Here, Not There (It’s Fifty Miles From Nowhere)
Some Winter’s Night
Two Blue Eyes

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1019 “”Blues From Dixieland”””
Fives, The
Moonlight Blues, Waltz
Sundown Blues
Graveyard Blues
Sobbin’ Blues
Mean Blues
Bleeding Hearted Blues
Mama’s Got The Blues
Hurdy-Gurdy Blues
Midnight Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1029 “”Radio’s Whistling Melodies”””
After The Storm
When Dixie Stars Are Playing Peek-A-Boo
I Am Going Back To Home Sweet Home
Land Of My Sunset Dreams
Where The Lazy Daisies Grow
You Can Take Me Away From Dixie
That’s Why You Make Me Cry
Why Did I Kiss That Girl?
Never Again

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1037 “”Request Hits Going Strong”””
From One Till Two
Why Did I Kiss That Girl?
Linger Awhile
Don’t Try To Take My Man Away
Never Again
Twelve O’Clock At Night
Memory Lane
You Can Take Me Away From Dixie
I Love You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1039 “”Polish”””
Husia-Usia. Polka
Marzenia O Wolnosci. Walc
Matus Moja Matus. Oberek
Warsz Awska. Polka
Hupaj-Siupaj. Polka
Regina Polka
Flik I Flok. Mazur
Nowy Rok. Polka
Wspomnienia Przeszlosci. Walc
Srubka. Polka

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1044 “”Sparkling Tunes”””
Sing A Little Song (Missing On Surviving Original)
I Want To Be Happy
Mean Papa, Turn In Your Key. Fox Trot
Cheer Up The Old Folks At Home
Goodnight, Moonlight
Sunny Jim
Charley My Boy
Big Boy

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1047 “”Overnight Sensations”””
There’s A Bend At The End Of The Swanee
Lonely Little Melody
Honest And Truly
Sweet Little You
Put Away A Little Ray Of Golden Sunshine
Somebody Loves Me
Under Java Skies
You Know Me, Alabam’
Washington And Lee Swing
Why Live A Lie?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1055 “”Broadway Hits”””
Me And The Boy Friend
Any Way The Wind Blows
Saide O’Brady
Tea For Two
Morning (Won’t You Ever Come ‘Round?)
Sleepy Honolulu Moon
Oh Peter (You’re So Nice)
Glad Eyes

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1056 “”Knockouts”””
Underneath A Sunny Sky
Out Of A Million
Down Hawaii Way
Put Away A Little Ray Of Golden Sunshine
There’s A Bend At The End Of The Swanee
Adoring You
My Jamaica
West Of The Sunset, East Of The Dawn
Why Live A Lie?
Step Henrietta

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1057 “”Selected Dance Hits”””
Waiting For The Rainbow
Sing A Little Song
Any Old Time At All
I Don’t Know Why
Red Hot Mama
I Never Had A Mammy
Old Familiar Faces
What Did I Get By Loving You? Waltz And One Step
Say It Again
Follow The Swallow

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1059 “”Hawaiian Waltzes”””
Sleepy Honolulu Moon
Gloomy Moon
Memory Lane
Land Of My Sunset Dreams
Goodnight, Moonlight
Down Hawaii Way
Moonlight Memories
Hula Hula Dream Girl
Sing Me A Song Of Hawaii
In Fair Hawaii

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1064 “”Justrite For Dancing”””
When I Was The Dandy And You Were The Belle
Let My Home Be Your Home
Sweetest Little Rose In Tennessee
That’s Georgia
Temper’mental Papa
Bring Back Those Rock-A-Bye Baby Days
My Best Girl
Get Yourself A Monkey Man
Rose Marie

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1067 “”Encore!”””
Any Way The Wind Blows
Underneath A Sunny Sky
Swanee River Rose
Tea For Two
West Of The Sunset, East Of The Dawn
Savannah (The Georgianna Blues)
Charleston Cabin
My Jamaica

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1075 “”Ten Humdingers”””
Back Where The Daffodils Grow
Rose Marie
Moonlight And You
Dreamy Delaware
Any Way The Wind Blows
Too Tired
Dixie, I’m Lonesome
My Twilight Rose
Burning Kisses
Choo-Choo, I Gotta Hurry Home

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1076 “”Hits As Is”””
That’s Georgia
Dear One
Sweetest Little Rose In Tennessee, The
Jefferson Davis
Let My Home Be Your Home
My Best Girl
When I Was The Dandy And You Were The Belle
Dreamer Of Dreams
Doo Wacka Do
No One Knows What Loves All About

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1078 “”Ebony Echoes”””
Wash Woman Blues
Temper’mental Papa
Mean Cicero Blues
Mama’s Gone, Goodbye
Hard Hearted Hannah
Pleasure Mad
How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
Black Star Line
You Don’t Know My Mind
Get Yourself A Monkey Man

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1082 “”Harmony Hits”””
Oh! How I Love My Darling
Where’s My Sweetie Hiding?
Mille Lac
Only Only One For Me, The
I Can’t Stop Babying You
No Wonder That I Love You
I’m Sorry
Oh, Katharina!
Bringin’ Home The Bacon
Everybody Loves My Baby

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1087 “”Classic – Operatic”””
Napoleon’s Last Charge
Drowsy Waters
William Tell Overture
A Perfect Day
Lucia di Lammermoor. Sextette
Aloha Oe
Alpine Storm
Light Cavalry Overture
Dreamer Of Dreams
Grand Polka de Concert

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1090 “”Million-Dollar Hits”””
You’re Just A Flower From An Old Bouquet
I’ll See You In My Dreams
Jelly’s Blues
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do
How Do You Do?
Lullaby Of Long Ago
I Don’t Know Why I Weep Over You
That Million Dollar Feelin’
I’m Satisfied Beside That Sweetie O’ Mine

Automatic A-Roll No. A-1093 (Incomplete Title Information)
How I Love That Girl
Dixie I’m Lonesome
Get Yourself A Monkey Man. Blues
Unknown Fox Trot (familiar)
Unknown One Step
Blue Eyed Sally
Temper’mental Papa
Oh, Boy! What A Girl!
Unknown One Step (Comic Tune)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1098 “”Late Dance Favorites”””
Flag That Train
Show Me The Way
My Sally
Ain’t My Baby Grand?
Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me
I Ain’t Got Nobody To Love
Swanee Butterfly
Hot, Hot, Hottentot
Seal It With A Kiss
Fascinating Rhythm

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1105 “”Late Radio Successes”””
Laff It Off!
On The Way To Monterey
Oh! Flo
I Never Knew How Much I Love You
Betty Lee
In Shadowland
My Rose Of Waikiki
When You Do What You Do

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1106 “”Broadway’s Popular Ten”””
Cheatin’ On Me
Suite 16
A Waltz In The Moonlight
If I Had My Old Time Sweethearts
I’ll Take Her Back If She Wants To Come Back
My Tipperary Rose
We’re Back Together Again
Keep Smiling At Trouble (‘Cause Trouble’s A Bubble)
When I Think Of You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1110 “”Blues – Nuthin’ But”””
Caldonia Blues
Roamin’ Blues
Homeless Men Blues
Barbados Blues
Nuthin’s Gonna Stop Me Now
I Ain’t Got Nobody To Love
Superstitious Blues
Blues Have Got Me, The
Cold Weather Papa
Ukelele Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1113 “”Cuban”””
Banderillas De Fuego. Paso Doble
A Pie. Danzon
Cara Sucia. Danzon
When You And I Were Seventeen
La Virgen de Regla. Danzon
No Bebas Mars. Danzon
In Shadowland
La Danza de Las Libelulas. Fox Trot
Carmen. Danzon

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1118 “”Selected Radio Gems”””
On The Way To Monterey
I’m So Ashamed
Cheatin’ On Me
Suite 16
In Shadowland
When You Do What You Do
When I Think Of You
I Never Knew How Much I Love You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1122 “”Cabaret Favorites”””
In The Purple Twilight
Old Pal
When The One You Love Loves You
We’re Gonna Have Weather Whether Or Not
Ev’rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now
Let Me Linger Longer In Your Arms
I’m Afraid To Care For You
All Aboard For Heaven
Toddle Along
Can’t Your Friend Get A Friend For Me?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1128 “”Favorite Dance Hits”” (Note: Issued By Playrite As A Clark Roll, But Is Actually Automatic”
Honey, I’m In Love With You
Flapper Wife, The
Carolina Sweetheart
Dainty Miss
Two Tired Eyes
Some Day
One Stolen Kiss
If You Hadn’t Gone Away
Will You Then?
Wait’ll It’s Moonlight

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1139 “”Snappy Song Hits”””
Hawaiian Love Song
Just A Little Drink
Some Day
Oriental Moon
I Got Along Before I Met You
One Stolen Kiss
Dainty Miss
Tell Me More
Wait Till It’s Moonlight

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1144 “”Irresistible Dance Successes”””
Just A Bundle Of Sunshine
Sonya (Yup, Alay Yup!)
Beside A Silv’ry Stream
Undertaker’s Blues
Red Hot Henry Brown
I Miss My Swiss
Silver Head
I Want A Lovable Baby

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1145 “”Sure Fire Hits”””
Say Arabella, What’s A Fella To Do?
I’m Tired Of Everything But You
Why Should I Believe In You?
Ida, I Do
I Wonder If We’ll Ever Meet Again
“Egyptian Echoes. (Note: This Is A Jazz Take-Off On “”Egyptian Suite”” By Luigini!)”
So That’s The Kind Of A Girl You Are
I’ve Got The Blues For Tennessee

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1152 “”Special ‘A’ Roll”””
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
College Memories
Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues
Just A Little Drink
My Rose Of Waikiki
Los Muchachos. Mexican March
Underneath Hawaiian Skies
Prisoner’s Song, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1154 “”Symphonic Harmony Gems”””
You Gotta Know How
Dreamy Carolina Moon
Hungarian Goulash. One Step
Thoughts Of Gold
Hugo, I Go Where You Go
Oh Lovey be Mine
Clever Fingers
Kinky Kids Parade, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1158 “”Jus’ Blues”””
Buck Town Blues
Loud Speakin’ Papa
Has Been Blues
High Tone Mama Of Mine
Undertaker’s Blues
Sweet And Pretty Mama
Take ‘Em To The Door
Red Hot Henry Brown
I’ve Got The Blues For Tennessee
Shake That Thing

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1175 “”Tantalizing Blues”””
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Harlem Babe
Chimes Blues
Sweet Man
Tom Cat Blues
Dying With The Blues
London Blues
I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
Bermuda Blues
Lucy Long

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1179 “”Tantalizing Dance Melodies”””
Then I’ll Be Happy
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
Lullaby Lane
Breezin’ Along To Georgia
Don’t Wake Me Up
Co-Ed, The
Pearl Of Hawaii
Everybody’s Doin’ The Charleston Now
No Man’s Mamma
Tomorrow Mornin’

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1180 “”Scintillating Harmony Gems”””
That Certain Party
Paddlin’ Madeline Home
Spanish Shawl
Down By The Winegar Woiks
Sentimental Me
Don’t Wait Too Long
Dream Pal
Just A Little Thing Called Rhythm
I Wonder Where My Old Girl Is Tonight
Camel Walk, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1183 “”Old Iron Valley Special”””
Prisoner’s Song, The
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?
Red Hot Henry Brown
Yes Sir, That’s My Baby
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Bam, Bam, Bamy Shore
Oh Boy! What A Girl
You Gotta Know How
Show Me The Way To Go Home
Smile A Little Bit

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1186 “”Snappy Jazz Gems”””
Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley
Kentucky’s Way Of Sayin’ Good Mornin’
When I Dream Of The Last Waltz With You
Flamin’ Mamie
Mother Me, Tennessee
Greatest Mistake I Ever Made, The
South Street Blues
When A Blonde Makes Up Her Mind (To Do You Good)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1187 “”Dancer’s Delight”””
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again
I Love My Baby
Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals
Nobody But Fanny
I Had You, I Lost You, I Found You
Where Can I Find You?
Haunting Humoresque

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1190 “”Favorite Dance Review”””
Sleepy Time Gal
You Told Me To Go
Back Home In Illinois
Dreamy Carolina Moon
She Was Just a Sailor’s Sweetheart
Save Your Sorrow (For Tomorrow)
Moonlight And Roses Bring Mem’ries Of You
Bam, Bam, Bamy Shore
Roll ‘Em, Girls
I’m Sitting On Top Of The World

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1193 “”Mexican”””
Hermosas Fuentes. Corrido Mexicano
Las Dos Rosas. Bambuco
Bomberos. Fox Trot
Nadie Se Muere De Amor. Capricho Cubano
Triguena de Mis Amores. Cancion
Combinacion. Fox Trot
La Mazurka Azul (El Amor en Encantador)
Una Mas. Tango Sentimental
Sombra. Danza
Victoria. Danza

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1194 “”Fascinating Harmony Hits”””
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry?
What Did I Tell Ya?
A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You
Mike. (All For The Love Of Mike)
In Your Green Hat
18th Street Strut
You’re Just Like All The Rest
A Little Bungalow
Peaceful Valley
Take That Thing Away From Me

Automatic A-Roll No. A-1207 (Incomplete Information)
Unknown Fox Trot (Familiar)
Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals
Then I’ll Be Happy
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Waltz (Familiar)
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1210 “”Sho-Nuf Blues”””
Shake That Thing
Mail Train Blues
Money Blues
Charleston Ball
Spanish Shawl
18th Street Strut
Throw-Down Blues
Yodeling Blues
Mr. Jelly Lord
Mobile Blues

Automatic Roll No. A-1216 “”Hits”””
I Love My Baby
My Sally
Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me
It Must Be Love
You Flew Away From The Nest
Mountain Jack Blues
Black Horse Troop, The
Mike (All For The Love Of Mike)
In Your Green Hat
18th Street Strut

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1217 “”Xylophone Special”””
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
Drifting Apart
Rackety Rag. One Step
In My Gondola
Song Of Love
Let’s Talk About My Sweetie
As Long As We’re In Love
Pretty Little Baby
Masculine Women! Feminine Men!

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1219 “”Mexican”””
Tango Fatal
Pasion Argentina. Tango
El Choclo. Tango
El Relicario. Waltz
Nubes de Humo. Tango
Ojos Tapatios
Madre. Tango
Triguena de Mis Amores
Columbina. Fox Trot

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1223 “”Best Sellers”””
Mamma’s Gonna Slow You Down
Heads Up
I Never Miss The Sunshine (I’m So Used To The Rain)
I’m So Ashamed
Mi Querido Capitan
Shorty George Blues
Tell Me If You Want Somebody Else
Hawaiian Memories
National Federation March
Moonlight Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1225 “”Xylophone Special”””
Spring Is Here
Tamiami Trail
Village Blacksmith Owns The Village Now, The
Tentin’ Down In Tennessee
My Serenade
But I Do, You Know I Do
Poor Papa
Girl Friend, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1226 “”‘Some’ Blues”””
Refrigeratin’ Mama
Mail Man Blues
Lulu Belle. Bluish Fox Trot
Judge Cliff Davis Blues, The
If You Can’t Hold The Man You Love
Sweet Lovin’ Mama
Basement Blues, The
Flat Tire Mama
Steady Roll Blues
He’s A Mean, Mean Man

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1228 “”Mexican-Hawaiian Special”””
Te Implore. Tango
Se Llego A Besarte. Bolero Cubano
Ingratitud. Vals
Melenita De Oro. Tango
Triste Mar Hawaiiano. Vals
El Vaquero De Tepic. Cancion Nayarita
La Madre Del Cordero. Jota
Golden Memories Of Hawaii
La Higuerita. Fox Couplet
Quierme Mucho. Criolla

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1231 “”Genuine Jazz Gems”””
Pump Song, The
Blue Bonnet, You Make Me Feel Blue
Bye Bye Blackbird
Hawaiian Blue Bird
Could I? I Certainly Could
What’s The Matter Now?
Falling In Love
My Sweetie’s Eyes
Dreaming Of A Castle In The Air
A Little Bit Bad

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1232 “”All Hit Dance Review”””
Let’s Talk About My Sweetie
Poor Papa
Talking To The Moon
Under The Ukelele Tree
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry?
Tamiami Trail
A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1233 “”Hits”””
What A Man!
Oh! Mabel
Listening In. March
Sobbin’ Blues
I’m Going Back To Home Sweet Home
On Wisconsin
So Does Your Old Mandarin
Under The Ukelele Tree
Doo Wacka Doo
Mean Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1238 “”Snappy Song Hits”””
You Need Someone To Love
I’d Rather Be Alone
Everything Will Happen For The Best
Heebie Jeebies
To Be With You
Pining For You
Kitty’s Kisses
It Don’t Do Nothin’ But Rain
Senorita Mine

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1239 “”Peppy Jazz Gems”””
What! No Spinach?
I May Be Dancing With Somebody Else
Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows
Honolulu Lady
Jig Walk
Nobody’s Business
Make The Dream Of The Rose Come True
Mr. Freddie Blues
I’ve Got Some Lovin’ To Do
As Long As I Have You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1242 “”Strut ‘Yo Stuff”””
Say Mister, Have You Seen Rosie’s Sister?
Hi-Ho! The Merrio
Pump Song, The
Falling In Love
Lonesome And Sorry
Good Night
That’s Why I Love You
Sweet Blue Bird
Only You And Lonely Me
I Found A Round About Way To Heaven

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1243 “”Review Of Reviews”””
Tonight’s My Night With Baby
Under The Moon
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
Caribbean Honeymoon
What! No Women?
Spring Is Here
Somebody’s Lonely
Ya Gotta Know How
Fond Of You
It Must Be Love

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1244 “”Blues – Nothin’ But”””
Mr. Freddie Blues
Jackass Blues
Hard To Get Gertie
Heebie Jeebies
What’s The Matter Now?
Jig Walk
Barbados Blues
Moonlight And Roses Blues
Harlem Choc’late Babies On Parade
Deep Henderson

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1247 “”Special Square Dance Roll With Calls”””
Silver Wedding Quadrille, The
Lancer’s Quadrille, The
Caledonian Quadrille, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1258 “”Symphonic Harmony Gems”””
Black Bottom
Oh! If I Only Had You
Cryin’ For The Moon
Am I Wasting My Time On You?
Yours With Love And Kisses
And Then I Forget
Who Wouldn’t?
Baby Face
Someone Is Losin’ Susan

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1259 “”The Tantalizing Tunes”””
That’s Annabelle
I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do
I’m Lonely Without You
Turkish Towel
My Pal Jerry
Down Where The Sweet Magnolia Blooms
In A Little Garden
Birth Of The Blues, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1261 “”Select Dance Hits”””
I’m In Love With You, That’s Why
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses
Barcelona. Spanish 6/8 Fox Trot
Venetian Nights
Roses Remind Me Of You
In A Little Garden
Girl Of The Southern Sea
Drifting And Dreaming
I Wish You Were Jealous Of Me
Beside A Garden Wall

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1267 “”All Pippins”””
I’d Love To Call You My Sweetheart
While The Years Go Drifting By
That’s My Girl
No One Else Can Take The Place Of My Old Girl
Mary Lou
He’s My Man. Fox Trot Blues
Here Comes Fatima
Put Your Arms Where They Belong
Tell Me You Love Me
Me Too

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1269 “”You’ve Heard ‘Em All”””
Baby Face
For My Sweetheart
My Pal Jerry
My Cutey’s Due At Two-To-Two Today
Am I Wasting My Time On You?
I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do
Wasn’t It Nice?
Cryin’ For The Moon
That’s Annabelle
Lucky Day

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1271 “”Xylophonic Capers”””
On The Riviera. Spanish 6/8 Fox Trot
For My Sweetheart
Wasn’t It Nice?
Oh! If I Only Had You
That’s Annabelle
Kentucky Lullaby
Baby Face
Black Bottom
My Cutey’s Due At Two-To-Two Today

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1276 “”A Jazzensation”””
It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry
Cherie, I Love You
Give Me A Ukelele
Just A Little Longer
Hello, Baby
Love’s Melody
Why Do I Always Remember?
Little White House, The
Any Ice Today, Lady?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1278 “”Ten Tuneful Toe Ticklers”””
She Knows Her Onions
Meadow Lark
Put Your Arms Where They Belong
Climbing Up The Ladder Of Love
Elsie Schultz-En-Heim
Baby Face
Blame It On The Waltz
Mary Lou
Lou’siana Mess Around
For No Good Reason At All

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1279 “”Select Radio Hits”””
That’s A Good Girl
I’d Love To Call You My Sweetheart
She’s Still My Baby
Me Too
Pretty Cinderella
Here Comes Fatima
Georgia Grind. Fox Trot Blues
I Can’t Get Over A Girl Like You
Lucky Day
I’d Love To Meet That Old Sweetheart Of Mine

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1285 “”Radio Favorites”””
I’m Always Dreaming Sweet Dreams Of You, Dear
From Now On
I’m Painting Your Face On The Moon
Short An’ Sweet
Where Do You Work-A, John?
Thinking Of You
Rainbow Of Waikiki
Hello Bluebird

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1291 “”Hot Dawg Blues”””
My Man Blues
Love Story Blues
Fallin’ Rain Blues
Black Snake Blues
Those Lonely Blues
Trouble In Mind Blues
She Knows Her Onions
Jefferson County Blues
My Baby Knows How
Sweet Little Mammy

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1293 “”Racy Rhythm”””
Here I Am
I’ve Got The Girl
You Will, Won’t You?
Tonight You Belong To Me
My Baby’s Back
I Know That You Know
Everybody’s Mother Was Somebody’s Pal
You’ll Want Me Back
Clap Yo’ Hands

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1294 “”‘Nother Knockout”””
Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon
When I’m In Your Arms
Black Bottom Dance
When You Waltz With The One You Love
Do! Do! Do!
Hello! Swanee, Hello!
Some Day
Sweetheart’s Honeymoon
Calling Me Home

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1295 “”Clever Dance Classics”””
If My Baby Cooks
Just One More Kiss
While We Linger Down The Lane
How I Love You
There’s A Little White House
Hello Bluebird
My Baby Knows How
Tell Me Tonight

Automatic A-Roll No. A-1296 (Incomplete Information)
“Unknown Fox Trot. (“”Moonlight”” in title)”
In A Little Spanish Town
I’m Always Dreaming Sweet Dreams Of You
Thinking Of You
Where Do You Work-A, John?
There Ain’t No Maybe In My Baby’s Eyes
You’re The Only Girl In The World For Me
Jefferson County Blues
I Love Her, She Loves Me
“Unknown Fox Trot. (“”Together”” in title)”

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1303 “”New Spring Models”””
Sweetie Pie
I Love The Moonlight
Yankee Rose
My Sweetheart
I’m Gonna Write A Letter Home To Mammy
Blue Skies
For You And Me
Lonely Hawaii
Ev’ry Little While
When Jennie Does That Low Down Dance

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1304 “”10 Gloom Chasers”””
Muddy Water
Do! Do! Do!
Oriental Moonlight
Tonight You Belong To Me
St. Louis Blues
I Know That You Know
Here Or There
All Alone Monday
Dreamy Hawaii

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1306 “”Sittin’ Pretty Tunes”””
I’m Tellin’ The Birds, I’m Tellin’ The Bees (How I Love You)
Hello Bluebird
Thinking Of You
In A Little Spanish Town
There’s A Little White House
For My Sweetheart
Blame It On The Waltz
St. Louis Blues
Where Do You Work-A, John?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1307 “”Hawaiian Melodies”””
Blue Hawaiian Moonlight
Dreamy Hawaii
Lonely Hawaii
Rainbow Of Waikiki
Wreath Of Carnations
I’ll Fly To Hawaii
Girl Of The Southern Sea
Honolulu Lady
Hawaiian Blue Bird

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1312 “”Ten Happy Tunes”””
You Can’t Cry Over My Shoulder
When I First Met Mary
Sweetie Pie
That’s What I Call A Pal
Dizzy Fingers. One Step
Blue Skies
Sweet Virginia Blues
Lonely Hawaii
Some Day
Muddy Water

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1318 “”Jolly Jazz Gems”””
If You See Sally
There’s Everything Nice About You
South Wind
Bells Of Hawaii
My Sunday Girl
On Decoration Day
Lazy River
Petting Parties. (How ‘Ya Gonna Stop Their Pettin’ Parties)
It All Depends On You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1322 “”Special Xylophone Arrangement”””
Sam, The Accordion Man
If You See Sally
Bells Of Hawaii
Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth
Petting Parties. (How ‘Ya Gonna Stop Their Pettin’ Parties)
There’s Everything Nice About You
I Wonder How I Look When I’m Asleep
Panama Twilight
I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana
That’s My Hap-Hap-Happiness

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1326 “”Best Yet”””
Hoosier Sweetheart
Hello Cutie
Somebody Else
Russian Lullaby
Pretty Little Thing
Since I Found You
Forgive Me
My Carolina Home
Where’s That Rainbow?
All I Want Is You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1329 “”Melodies That Can’t Be Beat”””
It All Depends On You
Sud Bustin’ Blues
Honolulu Moon
Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth
I Wonder How I Look When I’m Asleep
Deep River Blues
So Blue
I’m Back In Love Again
Far Away Bells, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1332 “”Mexican”””
General Calles. Marcha
El Novillo Despuntaca. Cancion
La Rumba. Tango
Serpentina. Mazurca
El Amor Es La Vida. Vals
Triguena De Mis Amores. Cancion
Todo Por Ti. Tango
Besos De Noche. Fox Trot
Avenida Jaurez
Adios Mi Chaparrito. One Step

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1337 “”Loud Speakin’ Tunes”””
Whisper Song, The
Hello Cutie
It’s O.K. Katy With Me
I Wonder If Some Day You’ll Want Me Back Again
Side By Side
I’m In Love Again
All I Want Is You
Winding Trail, The
Since I Found You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1341 “”Blues And One-Step Review – By Request”””
Five Foot Two
Red Hot Henry Brown
Paddlin’ Madeline Home
South Street Blues
Baby Looks Like Me, The
Trombone Blues
18th Street Strut
Steppin’ In Society
Joe Turner Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1346 “”Xylophone Effects”””
Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong
My Connecticut Gal
Same Old Moon, The
It’s Too Late Now
There’s A Trick In Pickin’ A Chick Chick Chicken
Kinkajou, The
If You’re In Love, You’ll Waltz
Ain’t That A Grand And Glorious Feeling?
You Don’t Like It, Not Much
That Pretty Little So-And-So Of Mine

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1347 “”Review De Luxe”””
Hello Cutie
Side By Side
Pretty Little Thing
Russian Lullaby
One O’Clock Baby
It’s O.K. Katy With Me
On A Side Street
C’est Vous
Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow
Hoosier Sweetheart

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1348 “”Crap Shootin’ Blues”” – ASSIGNED HERE NO. 1348-A****”
Back Water Blues
Sorrow Valley Blues
My Own Man
Side Walk Blues
Same Old Moon, The
Dyin’ Crap Shooters Blues
Birth Of Jazz, The
Jelly Bean. Rag
No Wonder I’m Blue
How Do They Do It?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1353 “”Melodies You Can’t Forget”””
Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away
Ain’t That A Grand And Glorious Feeling?
Wistful And Blue
That Pretty Little So And So Of Mine
Ozark Blues
Same Old Moon, The
Lonely Nights In Hawaii
Alibi-ing Papa
I’ve Been Waiting All My Life For You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1354 “”Record Breaking Review”””
Me And My Shadow
Sweet Marie
Whisper Song, The
Just Like A Butterfly
Get Away, Old Man, Get Away
All I Want Is You
Just Call On Me
Nobody But My Baby
Lucky Lindy

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1359 “”Natural Melody Hits”””
Highways Are Happy Ways
A Night In June
Roam On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart
Good News
Miss Annabelle Lee
Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter
Calinda, The
Someday You’ll Say O.K.
Oh! Ya! Ya!
Who’s That Pretty Baby?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1362 “”It’s Got “”It”””
Old Gray Mare, The
America Did It Again
Lady Do
I’ve Lived All My Life Just For You
Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
That Pretty Little So And So Of Mine
Gid-ap, Garibaldi
Whoo-oo? You-oo, That’s Who!

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1367 “”German”””
Whiskey Und Soda. One Step
Bist Du Glucklich, Schatz. One Step
Es Gibt Im Leben Manches Mal Momente. Fox Trot
Walzertraum. Waltz
In Der Nacht. One Step
Eine Kleine Freundin Hat Doch Jeder Mann. One Step
Ja, Weil Die Susie. Fox Trot
Untreue Liebe. Waltz
Puppchen. One Step
Ach Konnt Ich Noch Einmal So Lieben. Song

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1373 “”Snappy Review Hits”””
Yes She Do, No She Don’t
Who’s That Pretty Baby?
I Walked Back From The Buggy Ride
Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away
Gid-ap, Garibaldi
Sing Me A Baby Song
Roam On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart
Desert Song, The
That Pretty Little So And So Of Mine

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1374 “”Exhilaratin’ Blues”””
Black Woman’s Blues
Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues
A Blues Serenade
Shaking The Blues Away
Percolatin’ Blues
Hot Feet
Lonesome Ghost Blues
Jelly’s Blues
Light House Blues
Shorty George Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1376 “”Italian”””
Oj Campagnola Mia! Two Step
Li Paisi Siciliani. Two Step
Sogno D’Un Valzer
Frank Audia. Polka
Vita Caia. Valzer
La Foresta. Mazurka
O’ Scuorno. Con Parole
La Forza Del Destino. No. 1
La Forza Del Destino. No. 2
Quartetto Rigoletto

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1380 “”Tempo Di Jazz”””
Who Is Your Who?
I’ll Be Lonely
Cradle In Carolina (Note: partial title)
Unknown Waltz
Blue River
Are You Happy?
Gee! But I’m Lonesome Tonight
After You’ve Gone
When The Morning Glories Wake Up In The Morning
So Tired

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1381 “”No Joker In This Pack”””
Playground In The Sky
Mister Aeroplane Man, Take Me Up To Heaven
Is It Possible?
Just A Memory
Sailin’ On
You Sing That Song To Somebody Else
I Know There’s Somebody Waiting
I’m Coming Virginia
Dream Kisses

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1382 “”Special Xylophone”””
My Blue Heaven
So Tired
Ev’rybody Loves My Girl
A Shady Tree
Paree. Dance Parisienne
Together, We Two
Wherever You Are
Beneath Venetian Skies
Playground In The Sky
I’ll Think Of You

“Automatic A-Roll No. 1384 “”Hot Stuff Blues”””
Hot Feet
Cow Cow Blues
Dyin’ Crap Shooter’s Blues
Red Hot Henry Brown
Tom Cat Blues
Slue Foot
John Henry Blues
Tishomingo Blues
Hock Shop Blues
Dead Man Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1388 “”Pep? Yep!”””
Did You Mean It?
Way Back When
Is She My Girl Friend?
Song Is Ended, The
S’ Wonderful
My Daddy
In An Oriental Garden
Hours I Spent With You, The
Dear, On A Night Like This
An Old Guitar

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1391 “”Best Yet All Hit Review”””
There Must Be Somebody Else
Dream Kisses
Kula Lou
My Blue Heaven
I’m Coming Virginia
When The Morning Glories Wake Up In The Morning
Just A Memory
Are You Thinking Of Me Tonight?
There’s A Cradle In Carolina

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1392 “”Special Xylophone Arrangement”””
What’ll You Do?
You Can’t Walk Back From An Aeroplane
Way Back When
Go Home And Tell Your Mother
Hours I Spent With You, The
Did You Mean It?
Is She My Girl Friend?
I’m Wonderin’ Who
Among My Souveniers

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1396 “”Please ‘Em? Yes She Do!”””
Where Is My Meyer?
Sing Me A Song Of Araby
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi, The
Without You Sweetheart
Drigo’s Serenade
My Heart Stood Still
Morning After The Night Before, The
Dancing Shadows

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1397 “”A Musical Sugar Plum”””
Up In The Clouds
What’ll You Do?
Blue Hawaiian Moonlight
There’s A Rickety Rackety Shack
Tin Pan Parade
How Long Has This Been Goin’ On?
Land Of Nod
Is She My Girl Friend?
Just A Memory

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1400 “”All Hit Review”””
Among My Souvenirs
An Old Guitar
I Told Them All About You
Ev’rybody Loves My Girl
Wherever You Are
When The Day Is Done
Manhattan Mary
Playground In The Sky

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1401 “”All Hit Waltzes”””
Desert Song, The
A Little Girl, A Little Boy, A Little Moon
Song Is Ended, The
Are You Thinking Of Me Tonight?
A Shady Tree

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1413 “”Hot As They Get”””
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
Mary Ann
There Must Be A Silver Lining
Who Gives You All Your Kisses?
Dream River
You’re What I Need
Little Log Cabin Of Dreams
Lovely Lady

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1418 “”Queen Of The Blues”””
I’m Feelin’ Devilish
T.B. Blues
Keep Your Temper
Bouncing Around
Singapore Sorrows
Close Fit Blues
Wild Cat Blues
Blue Kentucky Blues
There Ain’t No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1421 “”Brisky & Frisky”””
Stay Out Of The South
Nine Times Out Of Ten
Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man
In My Sweetheart’s Arms
Blue, Blue Moon
Hang Your Hat On The Moon
Sweet Sue, Just You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1422 “”Dance! To Your Heart’s Content”””
Whisper Sweet And Whisper Low
Rain Or Shine
Was It A Dream?
Give Me The Sunshine
Auf Wiedersehn
There’s Something About A Rose
Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life
I Still Love You
Losing You

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1425 “”All Hit Review”””
My Ohio Home
There Must Be A Silver Lining
Four Walls
Our Bungalow Of Dreams
Everywhere You Go
Here Comes The Show Boat
After My Laughter Came Tears
Lovely Lady
Without You Sweetheart

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1437 “”Adoracion De Mexicana”””
Fumando Espero. Tango
Donde Estas Corazon. Cancion
Medias De Seda. Tango
Sobre Las Olas. Valse
Tango Negro. Tango
Mexico en Chicago. Paso Doble
El Novillo Despuntado. Cancion
Para Que Sufras. One Step
Quejas De Tango. Tango
Morir Sonando. Valse

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1445 “”Jes’ Doggone Blues”””
Kansas City Blues
Colorado Blues
West Texas Blues, The
Memphis Blues
Hesitation Blues
Boa Constrictor Blues
Florida Blues
Joe Turner Blues
War Bride Blues
Aviation Blues, The

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1450 “”Ten High-Flyers”””
Don’t Keep Me In The Dark, Bright Eyes
Get Out And Get Under The Moon
Will You Be Sorry?
So Dear
Yale Blues, The
You’re A Real Sweetheart
Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Georgie Porgie
Real Estate Papa
Oh! You Have No Idea

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1453 “”Pickin ‘Em Hot Blues”””
Oh! You Have No Idea
Mr. Freddie Blues
Yale Blues, The
Kansas City Blues
Beale Street Blues
Sugar Lou
Ready For The River
Dead Sea Blues
Back Water Blues
Real Estate Papa

Automatic A-Roll No. 1455 (Incomplete Information)
What’d I Say?
When You’re Smiling
Fox Trot With One Step Chorus
Fox Trot
Forgetting You
Fox Trot
Crazy Rhythm

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1460 “”Bits Of Hits (Xylophone)”””
Crazy Rhythm
King For A Day
Ten Little Miles From Town
When You’re Smiling
Twelve O’Clock
Sorry For Me. Fox Trot And One Step
I’m On The Crest Of A Wave
Memories Of France
He’s Worth His Weight In Gold

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1461 “”Blues And Then Some”””
When Eliza Rolls Her Eyes
Low Down. (Complete Title: “”Cause I Feel Low Down)”
Wail, The
Mississippi Mud
Dixie Stomp
Oh, You Have No Idea

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1462 “”Step Lively”””
My Darling
Half Way To Heaven
Round Evening
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time
Hanahano Hanalei
Sonny Boy
Sunbeams (Bring Dreams Of You)
Someday, Somewhere
Little Green Valley, The
Out Of The Dawn

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1464 “”Tunes With A ‘Wallop'”””
Where Were You, Where Was I?
Ten Little Miles From Town
Sorry For Me. Fox Trot And One Step
Just Another Night
Old Man Sunshine
Once In A Lifetime
That’s My Weakness Now
Gypsy’s Warning, The
Oh! You Have No Idea
Moonlight Madness

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1468 “”Hot Stuff Blues And Stomps”””
Shreveport Stomp
Dead Man Blues
Grandpa’s Spells
London Blues
Tom Cat Blues
Black Bottom Stomp
New Orleans Blues
King Porter Stomp
Wolverine Blues
Log Cabin Blues

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1470 “”Brimfull O’Harmony”””
It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody)
I Must Have That Man
Blue Shadows
You’re My Old Fashioned Sweetheart
Flower Of Love
How Long, How Long Blues
There’s A Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder
I’m Sorry Sally
My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now

Automatic A-Roll No. 1472 (Incomplete Title Information)
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Waltz
Blue Yodel. Blues Fox Trot
Dusky Stevedore
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Jazz Fox Trot – Minor Key
Doin’ The New Low Down

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1473 “”A Musical Funfest”””
Right Out Of Heaven, Into My Arms
Here’s That Party Now In Person
If You Want The Rainbow
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time
Old Man Sunshine
Remember I Love You
Out Of The Dawn
Be Good To Your Mother, Boy
Washboard Blues
I Can’t Make Her Happy

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1476 “”Pesticatin’ Blues”””
Washboard Blues
Tango Blue
Blue Yodel
Fowler’s Hot Strut
Friendless Blues
How Long, How Long Blues
Up The Country Blues
“Snakey Blues, The.
Goin’ Down
Doin’ The New Low Down

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1493 “”Hot Blues Request”””
T.B. Blues
Boa Constrictor Blues
Cow Cow Blues
New Orleans Blues
Girl Of My Dreams
Hooking Cow Blues
Take Me Back Blues
My Blue Heaven
Blue Yodel
Texas Wail

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1498 “”X-Tra Quality””
All By Yourself In The Moonlight. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
She’s Funny That Way. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
Where The Shy Little Violets Grow. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
Raquel. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
Buy, Buy For Baby. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
Glad Rag Doll. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
My Inspiration Is You. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
It’s Tight Like That. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
I’ll Get By. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)
In A Little Town Called Home Sweet Home. (Tune Line-Up as per original Auto A-1498 label)

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1498 “”Nice And Smooth”” (Note: NOT Original Automatic Issue – This Is Designated 1498-A For Reference)”
After You’ve Gone
Sweet Sue, Just You
Seventh Heaven
Missouri Waltz
St. Louis Blues
Skater’s Waltz
Sweet Rosie O’Grady / Sidewalks Of New York
Among My Souvniers

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1504 “”Newest Of New Hits”””
Weary River
I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose
Don’t Hold Everything
Please Stay At Home
It’s Tight Like That
Toymaker’s Dream, The. March Song
A Gay Caballero
When The World Is At Rest
Glad Rag Doll
I’m In Love With Someone, Guess Who?

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1505 “”Dancer’s Delight”””
Makin’ Whoopee
Avalon Town
Me And The Man In The Moon
Wooded Roses
Where The Shy Little Violets Grow
Gin Mill Blues
Carolina Moon
Mia Bella Rosa
My Mother’s Eyes

“Automatic A-Roll No. 1506 “”The Fashion Plate”””
I Can’t Get Enough Of You
A Love Tale Of Alsace Lorraine
She’s Funny That Way
Sweethearts On Parade
Sun Is At My Window, The
All By Yourself In The Moonlight
Tain’t So, Honey, ‘Tain’t So
I Faw Down An’ Go Boom

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1508 “”Dreamy Hawaiian Waltzes”””
Melody Land
A Song Of Hawaii
My South Sea Island Home
Sunset In Hawaii
I Can’t Forget That Melody
Song Of The Island

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1509 “”New Mexican Favorites”””
Por La Manana. Cancion Yucateca
El Chilpayate. Cancion Mexicana
Varita de Nardo. Cancion Mexicana
Lagrimas. Cancion Yucateca
Adorable Eres Morena. Cancion Yucateca
Que Lejos Ando. Cancion Mexicana
Madrecita. Cancion Mexicana
Rinconcito Lejano. Cancion Mexicana
Portes Gil. Marcha
Viva Mi Desgracia. Vals

“Automatic A-Roll No. 1511 “”For Those Who Dance”””
Button Up Your Overcoat
I Get The Blues When It Rains
Waiting For A Train
Sweet Susanne
There’s A Four Leaf Clover In My Pocket
It’s Just Because It’s You
Deep Night
Underneath The Russian Moon
I’m Marching Home To You
I Want To Be Bad

“Automatic A-Roll No. A-1516 “”Musica Armonioza Y Sentimental”””
Mexico en Chicago. Paso Doble
Terra Blanca. Marcha
El Pagare. Paso Doble
Adelita. Marcha
Adios mi Chaparrita. Pasillo
Amalia. Valse
El Novillo Despuntado. Cancion
Estudiantina. Valse
Hermosas Fuentes. Corrido
Rio Rosa. Valse

Unknown Automatic A-roll, Assigned No. 997016 (Incomplete Title Information – No Match On #’s In DB)
All By Myself. Blues Novelty
Peggy O’Neil
Ain’t We Got Fun?
“Unknown Fox Trot (“”…….Rose””)”
Home Again Blues
Wyoming Lullaby
Make Believe
I’m Nobody’s Baby
Unknown Fox Trot (Familiar)

Unknown Clark Or Automatic Italian Roll (Partial) Assigned No. 997166
Unknown Italian Song, 6/8 Rhythm
Unknown Italian Two-Step
Unknown Italian Two-Step
Unknown Operatic Selection – Well Known

Automatic Or Clark A-Roll Number Unknown, Assigned No. 997424
Unknown Waltz (Some Missing At Start)
Unknown Polka
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Polka
Unknown March
Unknown Polka
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Polka
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Waltz
Useless Blues. Selection No. 3 From Unknown Automatic A-Roll.

Unknown Clark Or Automatic A-Roll, Assigned No. 998252 (Mexican Roll)
Unknown Polka
Unknown Polka (internal splice, into same tune)
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Two-Step
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Waltz
Unknown One-Step
Unknown Tango -Beautiful; Have On Wurltizer (Partial)
Unknown – Missing On Surviving Original
Unknown – Missing On Surviving Original

Unknown Automatic Or Clark Mexican Roll, assigned 999031
Unknown Mexican marimba waltz
Unknown Mexican twostep
Unknown Mexican twostep
Unknown Mexican twostep/march
Unknown Mexican twostep
Unknown Mexican 6/8 march
Unknown Mexican twostep
Cielito Lindo
Unknown Mexican twostep (raggy)
Unknown Mexican march

Unknown Automatic Or Clark Roll, assigned 999032
Unknown Waltz
Have You Ever Been Lonely?
In A Little Spanish Town
When It’s Springtime In The Rockies
Wagon Wheels
Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Song – Irish
All I Do Is Dream Of You

Unknown Automatic Or Clark Roll, assigned 999033, Ethnic roll, possibly Polish
Unknown Onestep with Waltz Chorus
Unknown Waltz
Unknown March – Ethnic
Unknown Polka
Unknown Waltz
Unknown March or Polka
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Polka (Familiar; popular title)
Unknown Polka
Unknown Waltz

Automatic A-Roll Number Unknown – Assigned 999243
Unknown Fox Trot (Arden & Ohman)
Unknown Fox Trot (Arden & Ohman)
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Waltz
Unkonwn Fox Trot
Unknown JAZZ Fox Trot – GREAT but Incomplete
Unknown Waltz
Who’ll Dry Your Tears When You Cry? (NOT Confrey Version!)

Automatic A-Roll Number Unknown – Assigned 999245
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Unknown March (2/4, Partial On Surviving Original)
Unknown March (2/4)
Unknown March Song
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (2/4)

Automatic A-Roll – Original Number Unknown, Assigned No. 999250
Send Back My Honeyman
Hot Lips (possibly NOT Wendling version)
Birmingham Blues (James P.Johnson version)
Unknown Fox Trot
Hawaiian Nightingale
Unknown Fox Trot
My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms (NOT Confrey Version)
Unknown Fox Trot (Very familiar)

Automatic A-Roll Number Unknown, (15-Tune) Assigned No. 999786
Unknown One Step
Unknown Waltz
Unknown One Step
Unknown March
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Rag-Intermezzo
Unknown Fox Trot
Unknown Ballad
My Pirate Lady
Unknown One Step
Unknown Irish Jig
Unknown Rag Song
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Hawaiian Fox Trot
Unknown Cakewalk

Automatic Or Clark A-Roll Number Unknown, Assigned No. 999840 – GREAT Ethnic March & TwoStep Roll – Wonderful Music!!!
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (2/4)
Unknown March (6/8) Good One
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown Syncopated March-Onestep – Great !!
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (2/4) Good
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown March (2/4)

Automatic Or Clark A-Roll Number Unknown, Assigned No. 999901
Stars And Stripes Forever, The
Unknown March
Semper Fidelis
Unknown March
National Emblem March
Unknown March
Unknown March
Unknown March
Unknown March
Unknown March

Automatic A-Roll Number Unknown, Assigned No. 999903
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Unknown Selection (Missing On Surviving Original)
Nights Of Gladness
Unknown Rag Song (Nice)
Unknown Rag Song (Nice)
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown Tango
Unknown Waltz
Unknown Two Step
Red Onion Rag
Unknown Rag Song
At The Devil’s Ball
Unknown March (6/8)
Unknown One Step
Red Head Rag

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