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Jimmy Blythe Discography

Posted in - Discography on March 25th 2013 7 Comments

When I started listening to Jimmy Blythe several years ago I really wanted to find out a complete discography that would allow me to have a detailed photo of what he has recorded during the 1920s.
That’s why I decided to create and publish this comprehensive “Jimmy Blythe Discography“.

editor’s note :  …

Mecca Flat Blues Transcription and Lyrics

Posted in - Transcriptions on March 20th 2013 1 Comments

Mecca Flat Blues
(James Blythe and Alexander Robinson)

Talk about blues but I’ve got the meanest kind
Blue and disgusted, dissatisfied in mind
My Mecca flat man, he really don’t understand

Mecca flat woman must be a jazzin’ houn’
Mecca flat woman must be a jazzin’ houn’
Keep foolin’ with me and I’ll cut your jazzer down

Mecca flat woman stings like a …

Mecca Flat Blues – The Jimmy Blythe Story

Posted in - Biography on March 19th 2013 2 Comments

I have been interested in Jimmy Blythe since the 1950s when piano rolls crediting him as the artist began turning up with considerable regularity.The Blythe piano rolls number over 200; some are single-tune song rolls (with words) for home player piano owners, and other hotter performances (without words) are for the 10-tune rolls …